We Went on A Disney Cruise and It Was Nothing Short of Magical! | Here are some tips to make the most out of your Disney Cruise Vacation. |

Last year was our 10th year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we decided to go on a fun family trip.

A few years back for our 5th Anniversary, we went on our first Disney Cruise with our oldest Landon and at the time, only child. He was 16 months old.

look how little he was <3

look how little he was <3

We had the best time. It was the most stress free vacation ever.

We loved it so much that 5 years later we decided to do it all over again. This time with our two littles. Liam was about to turn one and Landon had just turned 6. Here they are :)

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We did the 7 days eastern Caribbean cruise on the Fantasy . We were supposed to stop in Tortola, St- Thomas and Castaway Cay, but the Hurricane that hit some of the Islands did too much damage so our stop in Tortola was replaced by St-Martin. ( I am not complaining).

Everything from start to finish was amazing. I have to say, Disney pays very close attention to details. Every cast member goes out of their way to make sure you have the most incredible experience.

Our favorite part of the trip is being on the ship. There is so much to do. The movies, the adult pool, the kids club, teen lounge, the shopping and did I mentioned the all you can eat ice cream??? There is something for everyone.

The Oceaneer’s Club was fantastic. We couldn’t get our son out of there. I mean they have a Marvel Room where you can meet Thor, Dr Strange and play games. A Star Wars room where you can drive the Millennial Falcon. Cooking Classes, Drawing stations and so much more. Who would want to leave?

Our youngest Liam enjoyed the It’s a small world nursery but was really excited for toddler time in Andy’s Room.

We loved the movies by the pool, but the Aqua-Duck water slide was a big hit with Landon and us grown ups. Liam was obsessed with Nemo’s Reef Splash Pad.

Liam participated in his first race. The Jack Jack Diaper Dash. (for crawling babies) I thought it was going to be something casual where Liam would get his wiggles out but boy was I wrong. It’s an event!!! And everybody is there to watch. He had his little Incredibles suit on and he was ready. haha. He was a bit overwhelmed but handled it pretty well. Definitely something to laugh about for years to come.

We also celebrated Liam’s first birthday on the cruise. He had his first taste of sugar and really loved it but mommy did most of the eating <3

Everybody from the front desk to Housekeeping were so kind and attentive and definitely made our stay magical.

Here are a few photos from our Disney Cruise Vacation.


Tips For Disney Cruising.

I am no expert by any means and but there is always a few things you learn every time you travel.

  • Character Call.

    Before you travel, go online and sign in into your account. You can request and schedule a call from a character. I picked Mickey for my son. He was so excited to get a call from Mickey. Jus be prepared to tell your child that Mickey is a very busy mouse when your child to say Hey lets call Mickey back. :)

  • Decorate your Stateroom door.

    Kids get so excited about decorating their doors. There is so many ways to get creative. The doors are metal so anything with a magnet would work. Some people go all out. We just bought some magnets before the cruise (because frankly I forgot) but we will be more ready next time. For little ones it’s a big deal! Landon loved walking around the hallways to admire everybody’s doors.

  • Kids Club.

    Register your child(ren) online for the Oceaneers Club and/or Nursery. It will save you time. You won’t have to fill out paperwork on board. you can just go and get your Mickey Magic Band and head straight to the fun.

  • Pirate Night.

    Pack a pirate costume. Pirate night is so much fun and most people dress up. It’s like a big costume party. You can also buy t-shirts, and accessories on board but choice will be a little more limited.

  • Packing and Unpacking.

    Pack light. I don’t know about you but we end up being in the water most of the time. We only wear regular clothes while going to dinner. I use packing cubes labeled with each family member’s name. It makes it easier to find where everything is. I roll all the clothes and squeeze them in. As soon as you get your luggage on board, unpack and hang all of your clothes. Luggages can go under the bed, you won’t be bother by clutter that way. Staying organized is key. It makes things so much easier and more enjoyable.

  • Ride The Aquaduck in the evening.

    Our kids are party animals so we chose the second seating for dinner. It was perfect for us because while a lot of people were at dinner or getting ready for dinner, we were riding the water slides over and over with no lines at all. It almost felt like we were alone.


If you have any extra tips or advices that have not been mentioned, please share them in the comments <3