About mE


My name is Candice. I was born and raised in Belgium. I've been captivated by photography since a young age. As a young girl, I often found myself looking through old boxes of photographs for hours. I love the way Photographs can tell a story and bring back so many emotions and memories in just one look. Years ago, one of my dear friends gifted me my first Dslr Camera. At that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. From that moment on, I took classes and participated in workshops with some incredible mentors. Photography quickly became my passion. Since then, I had the chance to meet some of the best people I know and have seen my work published in magazines, newspapers and T.V. ad. 

I find my inspiration in music, movies, travel and most importantly within the people right in front of me. I am married to an amazing and very supportive man and together we have the most funny and adventurous little boy. He is my biggest inspiration.